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The 34-year-old, who is currently in Mainland China shooting a new television drama with Wang Likun (王丽坤) and Xiong Naijin (熊乃瑾), was spotted acting intimately with a male friend while out eating dinner with the cast and crew.According to the paparazzi who spotted the crew, Joe never left his male friend’s side while they chatted with their friends.In any case, as he developed into a grown-up and got occupied with his displaying, singing and acting ventures, the underlying thought was briefly rejected.We as a whole know some time or another soon Joe will discover the lady genuinely implied for him.It was because Lin Yi Chen mentioned that when her maternal grandfather died of lung cancer, he gave her mother a gold necklace, but because her mother had to raise the children alone, the financial burden was heavy, in the end pawning off the necklace, only keeping the box and receipt.After earning money, she brought that receipt to a jeweller, and had a necklace exactly alike made to give to her mother as a 50th birthday present.Because Xiao Zhong and Lin Yi Chen were both raised in single-parent families, they are very compatible in many ways; the two are not big spenders, and have very close relationships with family members.At yesterday night’s recording, the younger Lin brother took the initiative to help his elder sister carry luggage and close the car door; Xiao Zhong’s older sister was just going to the washroom, but Xiao Zhong was frightened and went looking for her everywhere, deeply afraid of his older sister going missing.

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So for the fans out there seeking to know about his wife, you still have to wait for some time until he gets married to his soulmate. He has worked in many films and TV series which is the source of income for him.

His role in famous drama series as Jiang Zhishu gave his career a new height.