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Joe said he watched in awe as Dan and his wife, Christine, began to live each day with tremendous clarity and love. Our lives are a gift, and there will come a time when we meet our Maker.We don’t know when that time will be so it’s important to live each day with love and purpose, leaving this world better than we found it.The couple came up with creative ways to get their kids excited about enjoying a meal as a family.They picked conversation topics about current events or subjects relating to their own lives.Sanchez was out shopping one day when she noticed a young woman with three children.She could tell this family was on a tight budget because the boy kept typing numbers into a calculator and they would then put food back on the shelf if it was too expensive.“In that moment,” said Schroff, “Dru remembered what it was like many years ago when she was a struggling mom, and she thought, ‘You know what?And no matter how many tacos you have left, I will buy them from you.” Jose realized what a blessing this was, so he never abused her kind offer.

gabriele colangelo online dating-38

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His best friend’s wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given a short time to live.

Mauro now resides at an assisted living facility in Marietta, Georgia, and was ready to celebrate her 99th birthday in 2016.