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19-Jun-2017 08:23

Most C2C websites, such as e Bay, have both streamlined and globalized traditional person-to-person trading, which was usually conducted through such forms as garage sales, collectibles shows, flea markets and more, with their web interface.This facilitates easy exploration for buyers and enables the sellers to immediately list an item for sale within minutes of registering.For example, at the end of an auction, the C2C site notifies the buyer via e-mail that he or she has won.The C2C site also e-mails the seller to report who won and at what price the auction finished.

In 2003 US classifieds market totaled .00 billion for both newspapers and online classified ad services.

When an item is listed on a C2C site, a nonrefundable insertion fee is charged based on the seller's opening bid on the item.