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Dragged slowly and with moderate pressure over the skin, it feels much sharper than it is; used on sensitive areas like nipples and breasts, you can make someone believe you're actually piercing the skin with a needle, even though the skewer is blunt and won't break skin.Ice is a great all-purpose sex toy that can be used in a number of different ways.This page is divided into categories, with ideas ranging from mild to very kinky.Each idea has a totally arbitrary kink rating, from one to five .If you have any ideas you think should be here, let me know! You don't necessarily have to tell him or her exactly what you're planning; sometimes surprises are fun.But you don't want to do anything your partner hates, either.Generally speaking, plastic clothespins produce more intense sensation than wooden clothespins, and small clothespins have a sharper "bite" than larger clothespins.

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The result, called a "zipper" or "zip strip," is a series of clothespins that can be clamped in a row along your partner's body--for example, on your partner's belly, up along your partner's body, over your partner's breast, and on your partner's nipple.Run the twine through a pully in the ceiling, and attach a weight to the other end.Clamp the clothespin on your partner's nipple (or any other suitable place!Wooden spoons are very "stingy;" the rubber ice scrapers are more of a dull "thud." Snake bite kits are available inexpensively from camping supply places and department stores, and include suction cups that provide a surprising amount of suction.

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These work quite well on nipples, and also on the clitoris. Tie a slipknot in a piece of dental floss and pull it snug on the submissive's nipples.Of course, you can always go with the old standbys--run an ice cube over your lover's body, especially if your lover is blindfolded and/or bound; or place an ice cube in your mouth and run your lips and tongue over your lover's body.